Ahhh … the thought of getting up each day in a beautiful Arizona surrounding, eating a scrumptious chef-made breakfast, then writing ALL DAY LONG, except for more nutritious meals prepared for you throughout the day. Add a shoulder and neck massage in the evening, a luxurious bed and repeat it again the next day and maybe the next … does this sound like the ultimate retreat for a writer?

If so, how interested are you in taking part in such a retreat? How long could you get away for? A weekend? A long weekend? A week? More? How much would you be willing to pay for some pampering, great food, massages, uninterrupted time and space to write, all in a relaxing setting, conducive to creativity?

Maybe you have been on such a retreat? If so, what were your favorite parts of it? What would you like to have seen changed? How much did you pay for it, and did you feel it was a good value?

Writing is tough enough at home, what with demands from family, friends, household chores, phones, work, etc. So while the thought of a few days or several days just writing seems glorious, is it realistic? Unless you’re a best-seller, budgets are often tight, as is time away from your family.

But if it was affordable, would it be of interest to you? What kind of retreat setting would you love to be writing in? What amenities would you like to be pampered with? What other requirements or niceties would you like to see?

Maybe you’re an artist and would like to spend a dedicated time to your painting or sculpting or fiber art – would you take part in something like the above with like-minded artists?

Would love to have your feedback. Post a message here or on Facebook or email me at LaurieFagen@gmail.com.