Speaking gigs coming back

Laurie Fagen is working on a number of events this fall, including speaking at the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers Nov. 17, and a potential book talk on Kauai in December. 

She’s able to chat via Zoom for book clubs, service organizations,  critique groups or whomever wants to hear about writing mysteries.

Topics include about writing, making the transition from journalist to novelist among other topics.  Email her at Laurie@ReadLaurieFagen.com for her availability.



‘Bleeder’ launching is here!

So glad my latest crime fiction novel, “Bleeder,” is now out! It’s book #3 in my crime fiction novel series, “Behind the Mic Mysteries,” and we had a great time at the launch party earlier this month.  It’s available in both ebook and print at https://tinyurl.com/GetBleeder 

Don’t forget the mystery lovers in your life who would love “Bleeder” as a holiday gift. If you’re in the Phoenix area, I’m happy to personalize a book for you or for a gift. 

Meanwhile, here’s the general logline for the stories:

While covering the crime beat for KWLF Radio in Chandler, AZ, reporter Lisa Powers witnesses a powerful domestic violence incident that forever changes her.

She investigates a cold case to find those who gunned down a divorced mom outside her home, but the killers find her first. 

Lisa must put her emotions aside to cover the trial of cop shooter T-Bone Peters from book #2 “Dead Air,” and deal with the illness of one of her beloved rescue cats.

The campy murder mystery podcast she writes and produces is called “Art of the Steal” about an art gallery owner found dead and a missing piece of art. 

The domestic violence story that launches Chapter 1 is mostly from my imagination, with a little help from various Writers Police Academy sessions I have attended over the years. Some of the cop information about “DV” are also from talking to law enforcement at those workshops as well. Thanks to friends who gave me personal stories about similar situations they’ve been in.

The cop shooter tale is a continuation of the primary book #2 “Dead Air” story, which is based on an actual incident I covered during my television reporting days at an NBC affiliate in my home state of Iowa. In “Bleeder,” Lisa is sent to cover the trial of the cop shooter, moved on a change of venue to Prescott. This, too, is similar to the Iowa trial, which was moved from Waterloo across the state to Council Bluffs, which I covered for about two weeks.

The cold case is based on one I found in the online files for Chandler Police Department, but heavily fictionalized.

And the podcast story is loosely based on some of my experiences running a contemporary art gallery in Chandler – but no one ever died there!

Thanks for all your support!


About my books

Bleeder, the third book in the “Behind the Mic Mysteries,” is the continuing saga of intrepid radio reporter, Lisa Powers, who covers the trial of the cop shooter from the Dead Air book. I get to include details about the lovely mountain town that was my second home for five years. Lisa will also cover a domestic violence case, and the podcast is entitled “Art of the Steal,” about a crime in an art gallery.

I have have two audio books for “Fade Out” and “Dead Air,” both available on Audible and Amazon. My son, audio production engineer Devon J. Hancock, handled all the editing and mastering duties, as well as adding sound effects and original music (www.DevonJHancock.com)

If you like crime fiction mysteries, check out the novella “Deadly Misfire,” by Short on Time Books (www.ShortOnTimeBooks.com), which is available on Amazon. It’s the story of a mysterious man who stalks reporter Lisa Powers at a radio convention, and every day ramps up threats against her. She and her co-worker/boyfriend Dean Jeffries fear for her life as tensions build on the final night with an awards presentation for which Lisa is in the running with another reporter from New York, who coincidentally looks similar to Lisa. Info: https://tinyurl.com/BuyDeadlyMisfire.

“Dead Air, book #2 in the “Behind the Mic Mysteries,” is available in e-book, print and audio book on Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/BuyDeadAir


Dead Air cover by Tad Smith of The Design Idea

The cold case Lisa works on is a 15-year-old sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl, who is now 19. The young victim has not had any closure all this time, and Lisa is determined to help her find the rapist.

Lisa’s “podcast,” which she writes for fun at night after covering gritty crime stories during the day, is a “film noir” style story of a 1940s private eye and a dame. Only L. N. Pane, P.I. is the dame and the gentleman seeks help finding out why someone is out to kill him.

There are other stories Lisa covers in “Dead Air,” and as well as a new potential love interest for our heroine.

You can hear an interview with me on Golden State Media Concepts, about my books, my background and many other subjects, including my latest novella called “Deadly Misfire,” one of seven stories in a multi-author series called “Tawnee Mountain Mysteries.” Check out the podcast and blog cast at https://t.co/9WfsjTFBYw

For more details about my other novels, check out the “Novels” page above.

Equalizer cover

Equalizer cover by Tad Smith of The Design Idea

Fade Out cover 6_edited 2X3

Fade Out cover by Tad Smith of The Design Idea

There’s additional information about my writing  on my Amazon Author Page at amazon.com/author/lauriefagenI would greatly appreciate a short review there, as my publisher says “it’s all about the algorithms” on Amazon.

Make sure to sign up for my monthly newsletter so you stay informed about my speaking engagements, contests, and other details. Visit the “contact page” to sign up.

“Fade Out” and “Dead Air” are available at Chandler public librariesSibley’s West Gifts, Chandler; Dog-Eared Pages, Phoenix; Peregrine Book Company, Prescott Center for the Arts Gallery and Prescott Library, Prescott



















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