It’s Tough Being Vain
by Laurie Fagen

Oh, the vanity license plate,
How curious a game.
The only problem that I have
Is choosing just ONE name!

My middle name, “NAPUA,”
Graced my plates for three-some years.
In Hawaiian, it means flowers.
‘Twas the source of many stares.

But maybe “5 FT 13” then,
Would poke fun at my height;
Or “MSTRY WRITR” on my plates
Would say my job just right.

There’s “DSLEUTHS” for my favorite group,
and “CASTLE” for my show.
There are so many choices!
Which is the way to go?

Alas, deciding is so hard!
To buy more cars won’t do.
So, for now, dull as it is,
It’s “CF OO2.”
FULL DISCLOSURE: My plates now say RYTUR, which is either the creative spelling of “writer” – or as one person noted: “Right You Are”