No, that’s not a misquote from the X-Files “The truth is out there.”

Sometimes it feels like I’m writing in a bubble, out in the ether, all by my lonesome.

“They” say it’s important to write a regular blog. “They” say a consistent blog is important for driving people to your website, promoting your brand, blah blah blah.

Or maybe it’s just an excuse to write by the beach today.

Yes, I’m in Coronado, CA as I pen this, taking in the crashing ocean waves, the glittery sparkles on the dusty blue water at high noon. 

The soft breeze, warm sand and Southern California sun make it very conducive for writing.

When a friend and I first got the long-term, one-year cottage house rental, I discovered the beach was a spectacular place to write. Biking the four minutes to the ocean, armed with a canvas beach chair and iPad, I spent many hours getting lost in my words. 

Sometimes I’d wear long sweat pants and sweatshirt and sit bundled in a blanket to ward off the chilly Pacific trade winds. Other days, like this one, it’s the perfect combination of warm temps and cool breeze, making for an ideal situation. 

In fact, one beach-writing day, a man walked by, smiled and said, “Nice office.” To which I replied, “Doesn’t get much better!”

Maybe the popular wedding toast could be applied to writing: “Writing is a journey, not a destination.” 

But in this case, it’s all about the destination. 

So, some days I don’t really care if anyone reads what I write.