Where does your inspiration come from?

Does it come in fits and starts, bits and bobbles?

Or is it a continuous flow?

Does it come from nature or music? Or from chaos and disarray?

Many are inspired to create by most anything, and others feel like they have to be inspired by something specific to create.

For those of us who probably would have been diagnosed as ADHD today – I think they just called us “active” back then – inspiration comes from about anything, anywhere, anytime.

The photo above is of the sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury’s office. I once read that he keeps all kinds of “stuff” around him, and when he was looking for a word, an image, an inspiration, he simply looked around his office and voila, landed on something wonderful.

I’ve always felt that was great rationalization for the general state of my office and art work space, where the phrase “a working studio” is apropos.

My late husband rarely dared to enter, not knowing what he might find.

But for me, it’s a wonderful collection of colors, possibilities, memories, fabrics, projects, UFOs or unfinished objects, and much more.

I’m often inspired by the most mundane thing that I think might look great in polymer clay. Often it’s something from Mother Nature that would make a satisfying art quilt. Other times a phrase or a comment might lead me to believe it might work in one of my novels.

Trouble is, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I’m inspired to do!

Drop me a quick line or comment and let me know what inspires you.