I gave up making New Year’s resolutions a few years ago – with the exception of resolving to pamper myself with a monthly massage, which I still do – opting instead for a “word of the year” to live by.

In 2022, my word was “Focus.” I really wanted to dedicate my time to my book writing, finishing my “Raw Image” manuscript, a new audiobook, a new podcast plus promotion, book festivals, etc.

I didn’t make as much art, nor did I attend many art shows, exhibits or meetings. I have plenty of art available, so I entered a number of fiber and jewelry shows with existing art, just didn’t create a lot of new pieces.

However, I missed the creativity and fun of my fiber and polymer clay art. 

So this year, my word is “Harmony.” I’m going to try to find a harmonious blend of both writing and art with the occasional singing gig. 

I love creating art quilts, experimenting with new fiber sculptures, designing and making polymer clay jewelry, but it does little good sitting in my house. 

So, part of the “issue” with making new art is where to sell it. 

I have jewelry at the Sonoran Arts League gift shop, but am looking for local boutiques and clothing shops that would be interested in my contemporary jewelry, and am always looking for collectors of my fiber wall art. 

It’s been suggested I do an Etsy store for jewelry, but the process is rather daunting. And while Etsy has in general been doing some nice advertising, I’ve found their search engines to be very challenging when trying to find someone specific. I’m on FB and IG ad nauseum, but haven’t sold much there either. 

I had a Handmade at Amazon store, but with all the competition, sales were low. Nor have I sold that much off my website www.FagenDesigns.com

Books are easier to sell, as there’s less to carry and set up than jewelry! I’ll be involved in a number of book conferences and festivals this year, including Left Coast Crime for mystery writers and readers in March; Payson Book Fest in July; Desert Foothills Book Festival in October. 

Do you have a “word of the year” you are going to try? Comment below. And if you have suggestions on art or book sale opportunities, please let me know!