Like most people around the world, I am staying home as much as possible during this global pandemic. Oh, I’ve ventured out to the grocery store, pharmacy, and a couple of larger brick and mortars, wearing my face mask and hand sanitizer. Who knew a trip to Target would be such a wonderful adventure!

But mostly I’m in my lovely home of 21 years, spending time in my office, my fiber studio, my jewelry studio and in the pool. I’ve worked out of the house for many years now, so this is nothing new. Not going out to see my friends in my various writing and art groups is what is so different, although the online video chats have certainly changed that and brought many of us together, albeit through a small screen with questionable video quality.

My rescue cats, Jazz and Phantom, are good company during this time. They both enjoy my private back yard, with Phantom, a tortoiseshell with half light, half dark face, dashing back inside at the slightest noise or a barking dog, while Jazz, white with blue eyes, stays outside almost all day until I call her in at 5.

Phantom often follows me around the house, nestling into a comfy spot nearby. Both sleep on or near the bed at night, and then we do it all over again the next day.

Writing can be a solitary job, and as an extrovert and very social person, I miss my friends. But slowly, with caution and great thought, I’ve been able to get together with a very few and it feels so nice.

While no one knows how long we will be living this way, hopefully we’ll look back soon and chuckle at the images of people on in the media, on the Internet and walking down the street wearing cloth face coverings.

Stay safe and healthy, and I’ll hopefully “see” you on the next video chat.