It’s one thing to have personal clothing preferences in specific styles and colors, but it’s another when it becomes part of your business brand.

Most people who know me are aware of my obsession for all things purple: purple clothes, purple toenail polish, even purple streaks in my hair. But when I’m doing speaking engagements for my books, that’s when my “brand” needs to be in full effect.

As a former broadcast and print journalist, and now writing mysteries about a young radio reporter sleuth, I’ve collected a few tunic tops that have red, black and white “newspaper” type writing on the fabric. I usually wear these to anything “writing” related, including conferences and workshops, along with my silver, black and red polymer clay “microphone” and matching earrings I made.

That, according to Jackie Wheeler of “JackieStyle,” is my “brand” — something I guess I organically knew, but couldn’t have put into so many words until she spoke at a recent gathering of a Facebook group ALWAYS –  Alliance for Literary Writers, Authors and Yabbering Scribes – which meets monthly in the Valley.

Jackie, an outgoing, energetic woman with a flair for purple as well, asked us to come up with three words that describe what we want others to perceive of us and what we want to project.

“When you’re in the public eye, it’s important to have the mindset, ‘How am I representing myself?’” she explains.

I suggested my descriptive words might be “classy, sophisticated and fun.” She also told me she thinks I’d taken my idea of newsprint clothing “full force,” but says so many people have a hard time determining their brand.

That’s where Jackie can help.

With a fashion degree from Arizona State University, she started her image company while still in school. As an image consultant, she helps writers and anyone in business determine their best colors and how to hone their brands.

And, in the past few years, she’s also added social media as part of her service, both from a technical aspect as well as a branding feature.

“Others would see me working my own Facebook, Twitter and other accounts and ask, ‘Would you be willing to help us?’”

So, she handled the mechanical element of social media for clients, but didn’t consider it part of her style business, until “a lightbulb went off.”

“I figured, if I can help people with their style image, why not their online image?” she says. “We think about how an outfit might work five to 10 ways. Well, your social media marketing can also be done five to 10 ways.”

That’s when her minor in marketing kicks in, and has rounded out her image consultant business she also juggles with motherhood.

“I love what I do, so it’s hard to stay away for very long,” she explains about a recent hiatus she took to spend time with her youngest child and find a balance between “businesswoman and mama.”

Now she’s back, and offers three levels of social media brand management – basic, advanced and extreme – at very reasonable rates.

She also offers a free 15-minute phone conversation to kick-start your business brand development.

If you are serious about your business brand and/or need help with social media to promote your business and your brand, contact her at JackieStyle on Facebook; call her at 602-980-4545 or visit