Dads: a special kind of love

Dads everywhere will be honored this month for Father’s Day, and I’m grateful my dad is one of them. Lowell Fagen has had a varied and interesting life, starting as a farmer, raising hogs, sheep, corn and soybeans; going into the Marine Corps and serving in World War II as well as Korea; teaching Dale [...]

A mother’s love

To have the my son’s birthday and Mother’s Day fall in the same month is a lovely gift I have cherished for the past 24 years. The arrival of our one and only son was one of the most amazing experiences – from the pregnancy to delivery to even those first blurry, sleep-deprived months – [...]

Fine-tuning content marketing

Content Marketing #2 Content marketing provides “relevant useful content without interrupting or selling” people, focusing on information, not sales. That’s according to Drew Eastmead of www.VerticalMeasures.com, as discussed in last month’s blog. This month we’ll dig deeper into how to get the most out of your content marketing. Eastmead says Google is the top browser [...]

Content Marketing, Part 1

Whether you’re selling a book or a widget, marketing, promotions and public relations play a very important role in getting products to move. One of the latest buzzwords toward that goal getting solid attention is “content marketing.” I attended a great conference recently, organized by the Southwest Valley Writers. Former journalist Drew Eastmead, who now [...]

Moving forward

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. All conjure up thoughts of smiling, joyful, cheerful faces in a sea of glittery green and red as people bustle merrily about, gaily shopping, enjoying holiday parties and special music performances, all in preparation for the “big” day of receiving the perfect presents from their loved ones, then [...]

Positively Perfect

Hi I'm Laurie Fagen and it's a positively perfect day to bring you what I hope will be the first in a series of videos entitled "Positively." I got the idea from a long time friend, Steve Stieneke, who was formerly with Valley Newspapers. My late husband, Geoff Hancock, and I worked closely with him [...]

Retreats for writers

Ahhh ... the thought of getting up each day in a beautiful Arizona surrounding, eating a scrumptious chef-made breakfast, then writing ALL DAY LONG, except for more nutritious meals prepared for you throughout the day. Add a shoulder and neck massage in the evening, a luxurious bed and repeat it again the next day and [...]